Remove search results from Yahoo Search

Yahoo Search displays Web results from around the internet. These include results from Yahoo websites, and non Yahoo websites.

Good to know: When you're requesting that a specific search result be removed from Yahoo Search, it's important to know whether the result is from a Yahoo website, or a non-Yahoo website. Yahoo has no control over what is published outside of the Yahoo network.

Search results from non Yahoo websites

If the search result you want removed is a non-Yahoo webpage, we recommend first contacting that website's owner, content provider, or domain provider with your request.

  • A website's contact info is often located on the website itself.
  • You can look up a website's domain provider through services like

When will Yahoo Search remove a result that a website's unpublished?

After a non-Yahoo website has updated their content, Yahoo Search will reflect the update after our next content refresh cycle completes (up to 10-12 weeks). Until then, you'll still see the result in question in Yahoo Search results.

What if my personal info is published?

If a website contains personally identifiable information, known as "PII" (like a social security number, or credit card number), then Yahoo may be able to remove the info from our search results, even though we can't control the website where it's published.

See our support options for more assistance. You'll need to provide the personal info being displayed so we can investigate.

Personal names aren't unique: Several people may have the same name. So Yahoo Search results with content about a different person, with the same name as you, may not be subject to change or removal.


Question: What if the info that I'd like removed is no longer published on a website, but that info still shows up in Yahoo Search?

Answer: Yahoo Search results that "reference" a Web page that is no longer published will automatically be removed from the Yahoo Search results during the next refresh. This refresh occurs regularly and automatically, and can take up to 10-12 weeks.