If you've been prompted to reset your password or received a security notice from Yahoo, you can learn more about your account security on our help page.

Scan your Yahoo Mail account for common problems

 Quick Fix can't fix everything: It can't restore access to your account. It can't fix temporary errors. See If the Quick Fix tool doesn't work for your problem... below for help with these and other problems.

Our Quick Fix tool scans your Yahoo Mail account for common problems, fixes them when possible, then gives you next steps to take, and suggestions for your account.

Problems addressed by the Quick Fix tool

  • Problems sending or receiving messages
  • Some Temporary Access Errors (these are different than "Temporary Errors")
  • Some issues with missing email
  • Email being delivered to the Trash folder
  • System issues affecting POP or IMAP access

Scan your account

When you run the Quick Fix tool, we'll scan your Yahoo Mail account for problems. After the scan you'll get an email with the findings, fixes, next steps to take, and suggestions for your account.

Run a scan on your account

  1. Sign into your account.
    - If you can't sign in, see Fix sign in problems below.
  2. Go to the Yahoo Mail Quick Fix tool.
  3. Select the problem you're having.
  4. Provide an alternate email address (not the address you're trying to fix).
    - The scan results will be sent here. If you don't have another email address, use a friend's or sign up for one with Yahoo Mail.
  5. Enter the code displayed at the bottom of the Quick Fix tool.
  6. Click Create request to start the scan.

When the scan is done

The Quick Fix scan typically takes a couple of hours. Once it's done, an email is sent to the alternate email address you provided. The email contains one or more of the following:

  • A summary of what the scan found and fixed for you
  • Any additional steps you need to take
  • Suggestions for changing settings in your account that the tool couldn't change for you

 Didn't get our response? If it's been more than 24 hours check your spam folder.

If the Quick Fix tool doesn't work for your problem...

If the Quick Fix tool didn't fix (or can't fix) your problem, here's what to do.

Fix sign in problems

If you can't sign into your Yahoo Mail account, use the steps provided in our article about fixing sign in problems.

Temporary errors

Fix missing email problems

If emails are being delivered to unexpected folders or they're being deleted for unknown reasons, learn why emails can go missing. If that doesn't explain it, see the Restore permanently deleted emails section below.

Undelete email from your Trash folder

If you accidentally deleted a message, learn how to recover deleted email from your Trash folder.

Restore permanently deleted emails

If any of your Yahoo emails have been permanently deleted in the last 7 days, learn how to we can try to restore them.

 Help us make the Quick Fix tool better! Use our feedback forum to send suggestions and comments directly to our Yahoo Mail team.